The life of a stew on a mega-yacht is a very out of the box job. For instance, the floor below you is never at a stand-still, and your office window is the view of the ocean. It has it’s perks for sure but like anything else it has it’s fair share of bullshit. I’m not going to sugar coat anything. The following post is going to be a glimpse of what my day entails. Please keep in mind this was an extremely easy one!

I woke up this morning with every intention of going for a run, I really did. After sleeping only 1.5 hours the day before, I hit that snooze button until the very last minute. Being on late shift, I didn’t have to begin work until 8am. As soon as I walked into the crew mess my day of running around began.

I started by folding all the laundry that was left over night and returning it to the crews cabins. Then my chief stew, gave me a list of what needed to be completed for the day. This may not seem like a lot of stuff, but it was.

This list included;

Polish all guest glass wear

Polish all the cutlery

Remake all the beds with the new linens

Wash linens taken off beds

Wipe down all guest plates

Find all the cleaning towels on the boat and bring them to crew mess

Clean owners cabin

Keep up with laundry

Unpack all the packaged that came in the post- which was a TON

Keep the boat looking amazing while people walk around and constantly dirty it up all day long


Those 8 listed items don’t even seem like a lot when I go back to read them. It was. The thing is, in this industry everything has to be perfect. Shining the cutlery honestly took me over 2 hours. Mostly, because there is enough forks to be able to hand out to every kid I graduated high school with. Besides sitting down to pee and stuffing food down my face so I wouldn’t pass out, right now at 10:30pm is the first time I have sat.

I haven’t even been out in the sunlight and have walked 6 miles so far. 6 miles inside a boat. I don’t know the amount of stairs I’ve climbed and if I did I would probably be scared. The fun part is my day isn’t even over yet. I’m the last one up waiting for the guests to go to bed. I have some downtime while the guests are watching a movie. The main reason I am typing this is honestly so I don’t fall asleep.

I still plan on going for that run tonight too. I don’t care that the wind gusts are blowing 25 knots and its night. The next two weeks I will be on charter. For those of you who don’t understand what charter means, I will be out at sea somewhere near the Hamptons. The chance of me going outside other than when I am serving the guests, is slim to none.

I am currently sitting in the galley typing this, I’m using it as my own personal office. What the crew doesn’t realize, I can fully hear every single word they are talking about me. Boats have ears. Everything echoes. With 7 crew, shits bound to go down. After being on board less than two days, I am shocked. I don’t even know them and they don’t even know me. I haven’t even had a full conversation with all of them yet. That’s what happens when your on a boat and confined with the same people day in and day out.

There are perks to this life style. Number one: the traveling! I have been to some pretty amazing places I would never been able to do if it wasn’t for this industry. Number two: friendships made along the way. I know for a fact some of these are friends I will have for life. You have to be a special type of person to live this lifestyle for sure. Number three: living on a mega-yacht. Not many people can say they have had that luxury. Sure does beat living in a house.

If your still interested in this life style, cool!

One thing is for sure, you won’t really understand it until your in it. This industry is unlike any other. Only a certain person can do it.

It’s not 11pm, the guests are still awake. Going on this run is still up in the air. The safe route would be not to go considering I have absolutely zero idea where I am. The other side of me says go for it. Who knows when the next time I will be able to touch soil again may be.

Well, if I don’t post for a while its because of two things. One, I don’t have internet. Or two, something happened to me out on that run. I’m praying its because of number one.

If you think you can handle this then totally try out the yachting industry. Please keep in mind this was an extremely easy day. The owners of the boat I work on are the most relaxed people I have ever met. I have had days where I have been in tears from exhaustion just from trying to keep up with the guests demands. That didn’t even include all the cleaning that constantly needs to be completed. Sometimes, the good beats the bad. Thats why I stick around.


Stay Groovy!



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