The club I never wished to join

This post is going to be unlike the other posts I have shared. It’s the hardest I have written to date.  Many of you will read this trying to relate. The truth is, only those part of the "club" will fully understand. I am not here trying to exclude anyone. It's just this club, it's… Continue reading The club I never wished to join

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Hey people, who follow my blog! Whats up? How's the start of the new week going for ya? I am currently laying down in bed, half dead. Thats what happens when a person goes to the gym twice in one day. Why did I go to the gym twice? Well the thing is, this is… Continue reading Decisions.

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Pen 2 Paper or Fingers 2 Keys

I may be a newbie to the blogging scene but I think it has its pros and cons. I love the power of sharing my adventures with the world. Anyone on this globe, even in space, can read what I write. At any given moment they can pull up this page. That is truly amazing! Go internet.  If… Continue reading Pen 2 Paper or Fingers 2 Keys