Next Chapter

Just 3 hours ago, I was speaking with a recruiter about a job. Right now, I am sitting in the airport waiting to board my flight. In the span on just 3 hours I landed a job, packed my bags, and got my butt to Logan International Airport. Over the past two weeks, I have… Continue reading Next Chapter


life is good

Currently sitting shotgun, cruising down the highway with every window down, I am happy. See, these past two days I have been at my favorite place on this earth. This place I speak of, well, that would be my camp.  Hidden down a dirt driveway between an endless sea of pine trees sits two camps.… Continue reading life is good


The Dress

Anyone would agree with the fact that the weddings have only three good parts. These three simple parts include; the food, drink and dancing. Yes, the whole union of two people, for all of eternity is cool and all but, don't lie to yourselves. We all go because of those three simple parts  listed above.  This… Continue reading The Dress


Tan Lines to Ski Poles

My adventurous spirit is not a new thing. Ask my family and my oldest friends, I have always been a curious child. I'm going to take guys way way back to last January for this one. Get ready to time travel folks! Okay so I had been living in the islands for the last 7… Continue reading Tan Lines to Ski Poles

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Pen 2 Paper or Fingers 2 Keys

I may be a newbie to the blogging scene but I think it has its pros and cons. I love the power of sharing my adventures with the world. Anyone on this globe, even in space, can read what I write. At any given moment they can pull up this page. That is truly amazing! Go internet.  If… Continue reading Pen 2 Paper or Fingers 2 Keys